Drawing in Ink

Among all the different types of drawing materials, ink pens have always been my favorite. There is something about the indelible nature of ink that appeals to me. Mistakes cannot be erased and must be worked with. There is something freeing about this as marks can be allowed to flow across the page. New layers can be added to reinforce what is desired.

I like the rich blacks that ink can produce on paper. The more that new layers are added, the darker the specific area becomes. I generally start with light lines and continue to draw over those lines, getting darker as the drawing progresses. The darkest areas become really rich and the lighter areas leave traces of white peeking through the marks. I like this layering approach because it adds depth to my drawings.

My favorite types of pens include ballpoints, roller ball pens, and gel pens. All of these types of pens have a self-contained reservoir of ink and allow for great flexibility. This suits my drawing style as I like to draw in a very fast motion, often in scribbles or tightly hatched lines. I will go into greater detail about these types of pens in future blog entries.

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