Why Drawing?

Drawing has always been my preferred medium of choice. There is something pure and direct about drawing. It allows me to tap directly into that well of the subconscious and pull out symbols and ideas. It opens a channel straight to my soul.

Even though I do enjoy working in color, black and white art has always been my favorite. Drawing is great for creating works in black and white. The lack of color sets any work of art apart from the mundane world, giving it an otherworldly presence. Without color, emotion and story are conveyed through elements such as line, form, and texture.

Drawing lends itself to working in line, and I love the energy that the use of line provides. This can be seen in the way lines lead the eye across the page and direct the flow of the composition. Lines are a record of the motion of the hand as it moves across the page, which brings energy to a subject.

I also love to use lines to create form and texture. I tend to use multiple lines in a hatching or scribbling technique to create light and dark through a pattern. This pattern creates a texture that gives my work a certain rawness and intensity.

Do you use drawing or other techniques to tap into your subconscious? How do you feel about color versus black and white art? Which of my featured works do you feel best showcases the energy as described above? Please let me know what you think in the comments.

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